St. Mark’s Basilica

Tuesday Birds

Sunday Birds

Car Alarm (April Fool’s Day)

Voicemail Message


Chamber: Progressive Opening of NYC Window (12 Floors Up)

Chamber: Flip Flops in Long Industrial Hallway (Basement)

Undefined Sound Object

NYC Soundscape


Screenings, Published Works, and Awards

Fellowships and Scholarships

Thomas E. Caestecker Scholarship ‘20-’24

Mary Ellen and Bruce Eben Pindyck Scholarship Fund ‘21-’23

Global Learning Scholarship 2023

Finley Fellowship for Venetian Studies 2023

Barnard Faculty-Led Programs Abroad Scholarship 2022

Screendance Showcases

Disco Ball Funeral

Screened with live performance and installation as part of Performance Arts Course at the Undergraduate Arts Showcase in May 2023.

Upward Spiral

CoLab Performing Arts Collective Fall 2022 Showcase in December 2022

Pop-up: Screendance Showing Fall 2022


Pop-up: Screendance Showing Fall 2022

Caution Wet Floor

Screened as part of Dance Composition: Form Course Spring 2023

Splash Again(st)

Screened with live performance as part of Performance Arts Course in February 2023

Species Loneliness

CoLab Performing Arts Collective Spring 2022 Showcase in April 2022

Published Written and Visual Arts Works

Surgam Spring ‘23 edition:

Written piece: 400-word poem Bog Slog, featured inside front cover

Visual Arts pieces: and two mixed media works (10th Dimension & Figure Drawings 1)

Sold Original Visual Arts Pieces

Works sold at Philolexian Society 221st Annual Dinner 2023 Silent Art Auction, raising funds to create a visual arts prize for Surgam in Fall 2023

BodySpace, I Love Lily, Deer Tracks, and A Forest

Dancer in Award-Winning Photographs

Photos by Tara Rudy Photography in 2020

SYNC Image Competition: Highest Scoring Senior Portrait Entry, 2020

PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Magazine: Photograph Featured, 2020

Hot 100 Photography Contest: Community Choice Award, 2020