Acqua Alta

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Piano Music by Rory Bricca

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Acqua Alta 

Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Writer:  Lily Selthofner

in collaboration with the cast


Adara Allen

Marissa Caldera 

Nina Kulkarni

Lynn Wilcox 

Dancer and Singer: Maddy Manning-Bi

Dancer and Narrator: Moksha Akil

Cellist and Guitarist: Daniel Weitz

Narrator: Eric Butler

Composer and Pianist: Rory Bricca 

Composer and Musician: Jane Meenaghan

Singer and Musician: Makae Brieschke 

Lighting: Isabelle Cowen, Sophia Ling 

Costuming: Lily Selthofner, Adara Allen, Barnard Costume Closet

Venezia Scalzo film credits

Director, Dancer, Poet, Voice, Editor:

Lily Selthofner

Cinematographer: Anna Kasun

Composer and Pianist: Rory Bricca

Makae Brieshke – Vocal Composer and Singer

Special Thanks to Elizabeth Leake

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

This project was made as a part of the Student Artist in Residence program of the Movement Lab in the Milstein Center of Barnard College

Acqua Alta is an interdisciplinary experimental performance art piece that wades through the waters of Venice, Italy, featuring a cast of eight student performers. Acqua Alta uses live ballet and contemporary dance, with live cello, opera in Italian and English, and spoken word accompaniment, as well as film, text, and visual arts, to bring contingent narrative vignettes into a labyrinth flow. Venice’s waters suffuse and lull as a linguistic, corporeal, and reflective motif: mortal and eternal, void and full, mundane and sacred, beautiful and putrid. Desire is mechanized as the decadent pain of acceptance — surrounded by undrinkable water, yet still finding solace and nourishment in the grandiosity of the everyday. Intimate and oceanic, Acqua Alta winds through Venetian canals, provokingly juxtaposed forms, emotions, and experiments of truth.

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